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Thursday, January 26, 2012







My name is Aaron Marcelline. I was born 16th September 1986 in Southern Trinidad, where I lived moving from different locations starting from Sobo Village La Brea ending in Pleasantville San Fernando. My family at a certain time didn't own a television, we would therefore spend all our time listening music, singing and dancing just to entertain ourselves. By that time my mother noticed I had something in common with her, a voice. She then started coaching to the best of her ability even though she herself had no formal training that continued up until puberty. I guess that’s when my mother migrated to start her cancer treatments and my voice started changing. It was impossible to get out a good note and with a broken heart from my mother leaving, I eventually lost the zeal I once had.

Years passed before I started loving music again and by that time I had to start from the scratch with my voice. I had no knowledge, no idea there were people qualified to train my vocals, no knowledge of music at all. I would just sing to myself or for whoever wanted to hear me. Eventually I picked up modeling and was invited to participate in a male show called ON POINT, held as part of the Point Fortin's Borough week celebrations. This show was the pathway for me to showcase my talent to a wide audience. That night I sang "Pretty Wings” by Maxwell. I was extremely nervous nothing could explain the fear and excitement. It was unlike anything I ever felt before, I sang at other shows before but none as large scale as this one. That night I received a standing ovation from the audience, they even called for an encore. After the show ended and I found out I didn't win, my one comfort was the compliments on my voice and performance and even better was hearing my father's surprised reaction to my ability he had no idea about. I now have a new goal on my agenda; I am going to be heard.

I then stopped modeling and started focusing on music solely. I was informed about an audition for a program provided by the Southern division of the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, the Young Entertainers Showcase. After performing my rendition of another of Maxwell's songs, "Fistful of Tears,” I was accepted. I met and interacted with various song writers, performers, engineers, radio hosts, disk jockeys and most importantly my vocal coach. My preferred genre of ...


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