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KEHV-Prince Of Reggae Soul Love Will Find a Way
KEHV-Prince Of Reggae Soul Love Will Find a Way



Behind the scenes The Making of
Behind the scenes The Making of
"Love Will Find a Way"




KEHV The Prince of Reggae Soul


"Many are called, few are chosen" is a phrase that rings true quite frequently in the music industry. Some artists choose the field of entertainment, while others were chosen and blessed with the special gifts required for longevity.

Kehv, The Prince of Reggae Soul is one of those artists. If you have not heard of Kehv, then you've got some real catching up to do! Kehv has been bubbling on the music scene since his earlier recordings in 1995. Born in the same parish of the late great Bob Marley, Kehv maintains his strong reggae influence while blending the soulful sounds of R&B seamlessly, developing a sound all his own which he and his team calls "Reggae Soul."

Growing up in Jamaica, Kehv's musical career began at the early age of ten in the church choir. He blossomed into an amazing vocalist and prolific songwriter; with no formal training He mastered both the guitar and piano. After migrating to the United States and settling in Miami FL, where his love for R&B grew, Kehv recorded his first single "Half Way There" in 1995. With the demand from his audience for more music highlighting his beautiful vocals and heartfelt melodies, Kehv continued writing, performing and released new music every chance he got. Hit singles such as "Distant Lover", "Caribbean Sol-Jah", "Conscious Farmer" and "Love Will Find a Way" are in heavy rotation worldwide.

On his journey to attaining worldwide recognition, his music has taken him all over the globe, back to Jamaica, and places such as Germany and Brazil to name a few. Kehv has been fortunate to work with superstars and producers such as Kymani Marley, Wyclef, Jean, Tony Kelly, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Willy Lindo, Joshua Thompson, Lazaro Mendez, Born Free, Leroy "Badness", Dean Thomas, Stupid Genius and many more. He has also shared the stage with international artists and bands such as Inner Circle, The Wailers, Big Mountain, Beenie Man, Shaggy, Sean Kingston, Dwayne Stephenson, Derrick Morgan the crowned King of Ska, Pluto and John Holt. Kehv have captured the minds of many far and wide and has been featured on major network stations such ...


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